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         Guangzhou Yue Ming Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of tea packaging machine, particle packaging machine business. Enterprise managers have many years engaged in packaging machinery research and development, production experience, its representative works: embedded ultrasonic triangle bag packaging machine. Today, we have developed a series of "more flexible and stable", "more humane" packaging machinery, better meet the "different industries", "different customers" and "personalized packaging needs." Keep making progress! Contribute to society! Stable performance

Guangzhou Yue Ming has a perfect after-sales service security system. Our after-sales service department is composed of experienced technicians, engineers and management personnel. Always provide users with "high quality, fast and efficient" service! The company's products are widely used in tea, food, chemicals, medicine, hardware and other fields. We are operating: "credibility and service"; we sell is: "quality and technology." Look forward to our packaging and your products for a better future! The same time as



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