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What is the production of herbal tea, how to process herbal tea?

Broad sense of the tea is made of Chinese herbal medicines and food soup, milk, juice, dew, pulp, water and other medicinal efficacy of the drink. In general, pharmaceutical tea brewing and boiling methods are two ways. Brewing method is to put the tea into the cup directly add boiling water, usually to soak 5-30 minutes after taking; decoction is the tea into the pot, like decoction of Chinese medicine, such as boiling, and then drink. Tea is divided into tea, soup drink, fresh dollars, dew and emulsion, its processing methods vary.

1, tea: the tea and food, medicine made from a mixture of drinks. The tea into the cup, into the boiling water, soak for about half an hour to drink. Can also be placed in the pot boiling, to slag juice, boiling two or three times, the concoction.

2, Decoction: the food or medicine to boiling water boiling or decocting juice, the preparation of the way to choose the attention to the texture of light and volatile ingredients of the food or medicine as long as you can simply brew, most are Instead of tea to drink, but which does not necessarily contain tea.

3, fresh juice: one or several kinds of medicinal dietary value of fresh fruits and vegetables or flowers in the form of squeeze its juice, and then add the amount of water, diluted into the concoction of drinking.

4, lotion: similar to fresh juice, is to put fresh fruits and vegetables or flowers in a prepared container to distillation process made of drinkable liquid beverage.

5, Emulsion: As its name implies, is a drinkable liquid beverage made from dairy products as the main raw material.



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